The award, held biennially, is aimed at recognizing and showcasing successful new public service practices or improved environmentally friendly systems into major cities and local governments either locally or overseas. It is a unique meritorious award, which was originally proposed by the former Mayor of Guangzhou, Wan Qingliang, and has become a joint cooperative initiative by Metropolis, the United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) and the city of Guangzhou.

29/03/2012 Guangzhou Daily – Report by Yang Ming and Zhou Zuo

The international call for entries for the Guangzhou International Award for Urban Innovation has been launched. It shall recognise and showcase innovative practices in the public sector, which have been successfully implemented in cities and local governments worldwide. 

Each edition will comprise a total of five categories, which include Public Services and Smart City, among others. The winner of each category will receive a 20,000-dollar (USD) prize. 

(Report by Zhou Qiumin [reporter] and Sui Waixuan [correspondent], Xinxi Shibao / Information Times)

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Awards are given to innovative practices in the public sector which have been successfully implemented. Local governments and cities all over the world can take part. The award will be held every two years.

(Report by Li Wen, Xin Kuai Bao)